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Video Transcript

In this particular video, we will be creating our cleanup drawings for our bouncing ball using the traditional paperless technique.

Okay, so now that I've created my in-between drawings in my Rough layer. I have added a new layer called Clean and I'm going to start cleaning up my drawings and I'm gonna do them in the same order in which I did the rough drawings, which is starting with the keys and then going to the breakdown drawings and then to the in-between drawings. Before I start though, I'm going to turn off my other layers just to simplify what I'm looking at for the moment.

The keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out of your Camera View are the number 2 to zoom in and then number 1 to zoom out. So using the number 2 hot key, I'm zooming in on this first drawing and I'm using my rotary light table to help me get to a convenient drawing position. So I've got one drawing cleaned up, now that's one way that I can do this, but since I'm drawing a round or oval-shaped object, I can also use my ellipse tool to do the cleanup. So I'm going to do that. First, I will delete this drawing with my select tool, and holding down the Shift key I can pull out a perfect circle. And now I can use my select tool to get it in just the right position.

Now thinking a little ahead to the last key frame, since I know it's the same shape as in frame 1, instead of redrawing it in frame 17, I'm gonna select it in frame 1, right click, copy the drawing object, go to frame 17, right click and paste that drawing object. And then I can just drag it over to frame 17. If I want to drag it exactly horizontally across, I can hold down the Shift key as I'm dragging it.

At frame 9 I'm going to need to draw the ball freehand. So now following my chart, I'm going to frame 7 and use my ellipse tool again. So now I will continue this process to do the rest of the in-betweens and I'm going to speed up the video for this part.

Okay, so now the last thing I'm going to do is go in timeline to my old numbered frames and copy and paste them into the even numbered frames just after them, in order to expose each drawing for two frames. And here we have our cleaned up bouncing ball ready to be inked and painted.