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So when we're in the brainstorming phase of the character design process, a technique for freeing our creativity and helping us to experiment is to draw loosely. In other words, to kind of scribble. We're not creating a finished drawing yet, it's still a sketch, an idea. So try not to worry about making a nice looking drawing at this point.

So in this example, I want to design a bear character, and I'm starting here with my Brush tool, and I'm just scribbling, trying to have some fun experimenting. I'm not looking at any detail right now. So that's one possibility. Another possibility could be to give the character a bigger head and a relatively smaller body, which gives a completely different perception and effect. I could also experiment with a squarish character, maybe slightly rounded at the top, but overall angular with squarish legs and arms. So none of these possibilities even really say bear at this point, they're just combinations of shape and proportion. Now our drawing tools are helpful to us at this point in the process of experimenting.

One of the tools that we can use in conjunction with the Brush tool or the Pencil tool is called the Cutter, and it's located within the Select Tool menu. Now using the Cutter, I can select and cut away a specific area of my drawing and then scale it up or scale it down, change the shape, move it around, rotate it and see what that does to the overall effect of the design of the big shapes.

The important thing is to try and stay in the first stage, the brainstorming stage, for as long as you can and before starting to do your editing or eliminating options. And this way, you give yourself the opportunity to generate a good number of interesting possibilities. And the scribbling part is important, it actually helps us to stay in this stage longer.