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Video Transcript

In this video, we'll be looking at the Brush and Pencil tools and comparing and contrasting their capabilities.

To create our drawings we have access to two distinct tools, the Brush, which creates softer looking lines and the Pencil, which creates slightly harder looking lines. Both are pressure sensitive. We also have access to two types of drawing layers, vector and bitmap. Vector layers have the benefit of being resolution independent and ease of editing. Bitmap layers offer the natural media look of pixel-based images, but are resolution dependent. The same drawing can have both vector and bitmap sublayers, giving you the best of both worlds.

In our vector drawing layer, the pencil and brush tools create lines that can look very similar. The difference between them is in how you edit or modify them. So selecting the contour editor tool and then selecting the brush line, we see that it has a contour vector. In other words, the boundaries of the texture fill of the line are on the outside perimeter of the line area. And we can adjust the shape of the line by selecting and moving the control points, located along the vector. It can also add and delete these points.

The pencil tool, by contrast, creates a line with a central vector. So the texture fill of the line extends out from the center, and we can adjust the shape of the line by selecting and moving the control points along the vector. Other features of the pencil tool are that you have the ability to adjust the width and change the line texture after you've created your line. The pencil line still has the same editability after changing the texture and or the size. In this bitmap layer, I have access to a wide variety of natural media brush textures and can also edit size and other parameters for my brush. The pencil tool does not function in the bitmap drawing layer. Please note that bitmap layers and pencil line textures and pencil line sensitivity are not available in the essentials version of Harmony 12.