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Video Transcript

In this video, we'll be looking at the differences between the Camera view and the Drawing view. The difference between the Camera view and the Drawing view are that, in the Camera view, as the name implies, it is what you see through the camera. In other words, what your output will be, including camera movement in your scene, represented by the frameline we see around the perimeter. In the Drawing view, you will see your drawing elements without any camera modifications. Also in the Drawing view, we have access to the line art and color art sublayers. The default canvas colors for the Camera view and the Drawing view are gray and white respectively. These and all other work area background colors are customizable. I prefer to have my Camera view canvas to be white. So I can change that by opening my Preferences panel and clicking on the General tab. I then click on the Edit Colors button, then select Camera View and then open the Color Pallet Pane, change it to white and then select OK and then OK again. This change is project independent, and so it will be in effect the next time I start a project.