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Changing the Outfit

Learn how to create a new drawing inside a symbol, draw a new outfit piece and display the right outfit.

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Davi Costa

Davi Costa

Artist and Co-Founder, Digi Ten

Digi Ten


Digi Ten

Video Transcript

Hello everyone, it's Davi here again and welcome back to my videos on Creating Outfits for your Characters. Last time we made our assets into symbols which are shown here on our library and we dragged them into our states so we can see them here, on our Stage and on our Timeline. So let's extend them and let's make the rig.

So first, let's set the pivot points on the right places and let's set the hierarchy, so the Upper_Leg first then the Lower_Leg and then the Foot. And now we can do the animation again but this time with symbols.

Now let's say you don't want this to be these colors or these designs, you want something way more complicated. But you know that you are going to be changing these designs, let's say the character is gonna change his shoes all the time. What I can do is just come in here inside our symbol, Foot, right click and go to Edit Symbol. And let's make another drawing here, let's say Shoes with Spikes, Add and close. Now let's draw these Shoe Spikes in here. Again this is not gonna be my best drawing because I'm using a mouse and I'm doing this really, really fast. Okay, so now you have these shoe drawings in here and one is called Foot and the other one is the Shoe Spikes and let's make a third one here. Okay here it is, so now we have different drawings with different names too. And different designs, of course they are very simple but whatever we leave on is gonna be on our animation, so you remember our kick. And let's go inside our foot and let's just show the shoe with spikes, and there. And let's change it to our barefoot, and there. So this is very useful when you know you're gonna change these a lot.

I can show you on my next video some examples that are a little bit more complex but uses the same technique and the same idea of putting stuff inside symbols and changing them inside here whenever you want just to make a quick outfit change. So I'll see you there, bye.