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Character Animation

Learn how to animate your characters using key poses, onion skin, deformers and other flexible tools.

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Genco Erdal Ay

Genco Erdal Ay




Bee & Bird

Video Transcript

Hi friends. I am Genco Erdal Ay. I have been working in animation sector in Turkey for six years. I have graduated from the Animation Department of Anadolu University in Eskişehir. Now I am working in Bee & Bird Animation Studios as a 2D animator for a project produced by Toon Boom Harmony. Today, I will make a short animation for you.

Now, I am importing the character which I will animate. I am unlocking the stage library's lock after right clicking the Stage Library on Library. After closing my character's group, I am dragging it into the stage that I have prepared. I am giving a new name by right click to rename. I am generating a thumbnail to see it on preview. Now I can see my character. If I had to open the animation, here I can see it by playing it on the preview. Now I am opening my Stage. After right clicking on the Stage Library, then right clicking to modify option, I am dragging my character into the stage.

After deactivating the animate button, I can change my character size. I have changed the size without adding any frame. If there had been an animation, I could change my character size by doing the same thing. Now I am adding keys after clicking Animate button.

I am stating the duration of my animation in the playback section, and after clicking the last frame on Master Peg, I am hitting the F5 button. Now I can pose my character. In this stage I set my character to go out of the door and look around. Since my character will stay behind the door, I will use it as a reference for an urge to next poses. I am trying to create a dynamic pose here. As you can see that legs are not on the ground, but this will help me to give the feeling. Legs being in the air are not important. I will use the pose which gives the best feeling.

I am choosing a hand pose, which I have drawn before from the substitution section. If I want to create a more suitable hand pose, I would click on the Create Empty Drawing option box, then open a new drawing sub, after that I will draw it on camera. If I draw it on the drawing section, character will remain on its default pose. So I draw it in camera stage, suitable for character's new pose.

I am coloring it and selecting its color with selection tool and then cutting it. After that I am pasting it to the color art. Since this is a short tutorial, I am using the hands that I have made before and carrying on animating it. I am using the shortcut B to navigate up the hierarchy.

In this pose, my character will turn his head and look around. After choosing all the keys by clicking Shift button, I am moving them to the right. Now I am fixing his head's arch. On background there are two doors prepared before. Now I will add keyframes to them and make an opening animation. I am putting pivot point to the right place. As you can see, by pressing the Shift button, I delete frames from the last pose, after the key of the closed door. We will place the open door one frame after the closed door. Now I am bringing the doors and walls parts to the front by clicking ALT and Down together. Now it's in front of my character.

I am making my character's easing from Set Ease for Multiple Parameter selection. I am selecting the places that I will add keyframes by clicking the Shift and then clicking the Create Key Frame button. Every number of frame selection is 2 now, and here in the Selection part, you can see first frame and last frames. I am hitting OK and I am doing the same for other part. And lastly by choosing them all with Shift, I am setting the timing of doors opening animation.

Thanks for watching. Last but not least, we celebrate the latest version of Toon Boom here in Istanbul, Turkey.