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David Bunting

David Bunting

Freelance Story Artist & SFX Animator

United Kingdom


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So let's apply this matte and see how this works in Harmony.

So we're going to say good-bye to "How to Draw an Animation" window and go to Workspace > and go to Compositing. So don't come over here. This is a node-based compositing system, which if you've used like After Effects, a while to, sort of, get to understand what's going on here. But when you do, it's so powerful.

I'm just going to pull these apart. All of these are different layers. Which are images if I look at them. I've my background there. They're coming down into my composite, with the front over to the left and my background over to the right. So to apply this matte in Harmony, we need to look into our Node Library. That's where everything is.

And what we're looking for is a Cutter tool. It's going to cut the elements of the matte out of the background painting.

You see that all of these, sort of nodes, joined down to our composite right at the bottom. And I won't want this to go into my final composite. Don't want to see it there. So take that out and suddenly he's gone. I'm going to take this out for the moment too. It's still there, but they're not appearing in my screen here.

Instead I want to put my matte into this Cutter, to the left end and the fire drawing over to the right end, to cut out that matte element. So now I can pull this into my composite. And there we have it.

Before I get anymore involved in compositing, I must remember to switch to Render view, so I can actually see the effect that all these changes are having. However, it's going to slow the response time, so be patient while we wait to see the changes.

Something else I'd like to do with this fire is to add a little glow. Make you feel hot. Stop it just being painted fire over a flat background.

I'm going to find a Glow node from here.

Because of the heat of the Glow, I think it's going to be helpful for me to bring it over. Just spill in a little bit. So I'm going to put this into the composite. And go over into this yellow box here. That's going to open up my Preferences. I've got a radius here, which is applying the amount, by dialing this up. You'll start to see a glow around that element there.

By default, it's having a white glow and that's just not right at all. There's a few options here. You can Use the Source Colour for example. I was going to use the yellow, but that's still not right. So I'm going to untick that. I'm actually going to take control, by dialing up my red. Bring down the green. Turn off the blue. Aha and there we go. That's quite a nice red glow.

So now we've got that fire element in place, let's go ahead and bring this one. I'm going to enable this layer again. I'm going to add the same glow to this as well.

I can't pull it into the same node, but what I can do is I can copy this and I can paste it. This has got exactly the same properties. And there we go. Just seen this element here.

I want to apply another matte over there, So it's clearly behind that log. And there we have it. Just cutting behind there. Bring this very subtle Blur across if I had... You see, too much. No good, but I think that... yeah! Makes it look more painterly already.

Now what I've had here is I've added a wider glow to this.

And there we have it. Nice hot fire.