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David Bunting

David Bunting

Freelance Story Artist & SFX Animator

United Kingdom


Video Transcript

So here we have Douglas sitting by the fire. You can see the shadow on it. But you also see this spilling out over the end because we need to add the matte to Douglas, which is sitting there. Works just the same way as it did with the fireplace. So let's take that out and let's also take the shadow out of the composite.

Bring in a Cutter.

I'm going to have my matte over to the left, then my clean of Douglas over to the right. There we have the correct matte taking effect. The shadow, now I can pull this into the composite.

So here's my matte painting for Douglas. If you can see here, we got Douglas's matte and the shadow feeding together to produce a cut, that neat cut. Now I can now feed that into my composite.

So the opacity I want to bring right down and I can do that in my actual shadow element, just by clicking on here, bringing up the Layer Properties and in the Advanced tab, right at the bottom, we've got Opacity. So I can dial that down to maybe 40%.

I want to add a Blur now. I've just got one here. It goes into that right-hand element, from that Cutter. And take this out of the composite. So I wanted to apply into the Blur and then out, into my composite. And go into the Properties by selecting this square box to change the blurriness. By dialing this up, you don't have to do much. You can see the effect it has.

And for the highlight, I'm going to do the same thing. For the highlight, you can't see it at the moment, but it is here. That needs to work with a matte as well.

So I need to find another Cutter. Do exactly the same thing to cut the highlight into the matte, then out into our composite. And there you are, you see it.

And you think from the hot fire, what is going to help is a little glow. So I pulled a Glow in.

We could go on, adding other elements to this.

So the rim lights around the basket and... But I'm going to leave it there. I think it sort of shows the basics and you know, I don't want to overclutter this painting. I think that's everything that's needed.

Let's have a little play. You can almost feel the heat of that. So, there we have it.

We've had a fairly simple scene by the looks of it, but it's been good to get into that fireplace and look at an awful lot of elements that traditional effects animators think about.

Starting with the actual forces, the interplay of the fire, looking at how to rough out a scene and then go from the completed fire animation right away through to thinking about how it affects our other elements, such as Douglas here. I think suddenly that looks really nice.

I hope you've enjoyed watching.

I've enjoyed spending this time looking over special effects. Gosh I haven't animated effects in a little while and wow, it makes me realize just how much I love this art form. So just doing this tutorial makes me realize that I must do some more special effects.

So thanks to Toon Boom for letting me do this. Thanks to you for watching and hope to see you soon.