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Video Transcript

Copy Artwork on Multiple Panels.

So sometimes you're creating a storyboard and all of a sudden you realize you want to add something to your background, for example. So in this case, I've added this purple rocky structure in the background that exist only for panel 1 of Scene 94 but not in panel 2 and 3. However, as you can imagine, if you have the same background over many, many panels, it could be very annoying to repeatedly paste this one structure so that all the backgrounds are consistent. So there's a quick way that you can resolve this issue. The first thing you need to know is that, wherever you'd like to make the modification, the layer in which you'd like to make the modification must have the same name on all the panels where you would like to copy the modification. So for example, panel 1, 2 and 3 all have a layer called BG_2 in the BG_rocks folder. Then what you need to do is have that layer selected in the layer stack, go to the top menu and select Layer > Copy Layers. Then in the Thumbnail View, you have to click on the fist panel where you would like to paste. Then hold shift, command if you're using Mac or shift control if you're using Windows and click the last panel where you would like to make the paste. Then go back to the top menu and select Layer > Paste Layer Special. You may notice that this menu item doesn't exist if you don't have multiple panels selected. So the Paste Layer Special window appears and then what you select under Cycle is Once Hold, then at the bottom you have to check Over existing layers with same name. So I'm going to click OK and as you can see, if we scroll across the panels, this purple structure now exists in all three panels.