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Hello, everyone it's Davi here again, and welcome back to my tutorial on Nodes. Last time, we learned how to make this 3D perspective look here into our object, but now we really think that this color is really flat, although the shape looks good. So the first thing we want to do when we want to change a color, you probably guessed, we are going to use some kind of color scale or color override. So let's just use a color override. I have one right here. And lets attach to this. Remember, this is only the 3D part. The front of our golden object is coming from this group here that we learned one of the first tutorials. So let's go back and do it in here, and lets attach a color override so we can change the color of this height here. On this one, I only got the gold color, which is that yellow, and I replaced it with this orange. I can, again, with any color I want. But let's just use that orange.

So it already looks better. It's not the same yellow as the front, but it's still really flat. What I really want to have is some kind of corners. That would really sell the 3D look, and the idea of a 3D perspective. This is the kind of thing that you only find out by experimenting. What if I get all these 3D and make a copy and move it left a little bit or right, or scale it down?

So, let's try just that. Let's bring in a apply peg transformation. Let's make another copy and attach a peg in here. Okay, we are gonna need to attach multiple things into our 3D stack, so first I'm gonna get a composite in here. And this allows me to attach more than one node into this composite and into the 3D stack and so on. So now we have two copies. And this one is orange, and let's make this one a darker orange. So let's use a color override again. I have one right here. And you see this one is a darker orange. It's almost red or brown. Let's attach here.

Okay, so now we can't even see this one, but what if we get the new one and move it around a little bit. Or maybe shrink it. Let's try to move it down. There, you see it already looks better, because its showing me some corners, like this, and like that. And all I did here was move it down a few pixels. And this is the kind of thing that only works if you experiment. Let's try moving it up. There, maybe you'll like it better this way. Well, I think they both look good, so let's use this one, because we can see the corners better.

There, and there we have it. Now, it looks like Dig a Way is on a solid piece of gold, and it's on a 3D perspective. So on the next tutorial, I'm gonna start the last step, which is making it look like it's on top of a stone of the same shape like that. I'll see you on the next tutorial.