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Hello, everyone, it's Davi here again and welcome back to my tutorial on Nodes part nine. This time before we continue, let's just get everything that we did in our last tutorial and put it inside a group as always. Let's find a group in here on our node library and drag it to our node view. Copy everything that we did or cut it. It's going inside the group an paste it, connecting it to the input and the output. Then let's go outside again and let's name our group so we keep everything organized. This is the Stone_Face. Then let's connect it to our original drawing.

So before we do our 3D part here, lest do something different with our group. Let's go inside and since we are going to stack a whole bunch of images of this grey face here, but we don't want this black stroke because that's just gonna get in our way let's bring a copy from the composite in here before we use the black outline and connect it to the output creating a second port. And every time we create a second port in here or a third or as many as you want, and you go outside of the group, you see that you created it in here too so you can use it.

So let's start making our 3D stack and let's do it inside the group because we know how big that gets. So let's go inside this group here and get an apply peg transformation. And you remember how that goes. You attach it to the original drawing and let's get a composite too. You get a peg to send, just it back, so you start to stack them one after the other in 3D. So let's name this group too. This is gonna be the Stone_Stack and it's with another composite in here, just to bring everything together.

Once inside this stone stack group, now we can start doing our stack and it's just creating another apply peg transformation and attaching into the peg and then another one and another one and so on. And let's go to our top view. Just to drag this peg back in 3D and do translate too. And you can see it. You can even drag it while it's connected to multiple copies so we know how we want it to be. So let's leave it like that and let's do some more copies. So I'm gonna fast forward now.

Okay, now I did 10 copies of it, having these 10 apply peg transformations stacks doing the first part of our 3D. And we're just gonna leave it at that now, because on the next tutorial I'm gonna show you how I made that color get darker and darker in 3D using color scales. I'll see you on the next tutorial, bye.