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Romuald Drouillard

Romuald Drouillard

Technical Director and Co-founder

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

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So first step inside the wires, I've created a small mask to see the wires. It says I will create a mask to make the effects appear. So first step is to create this mask, link it here, and with ALT+B I choose the brush here. I'm inside the camera, so I can see my element increase with my brush size and one drawing like this. I change my element to rotation. I just noticed that I might have forgotten a lot of shortcuts I've used onto here. So just to remember, creating a peg is CTRL+P. Creating a composite is CTRL+H. Using a new drawing, creating a new drawing is CTRL+R. When I want to cut and paste, copy/paste something, CTRL+C/CTRL+V, but I have the paste special which is here. It allows you to create a new drawing or a new column. A new peg is CTRL+B on my keyboard. So these ones are the main shortcuts I am using, but I've also managed to create new shortcuts to go from last to first frame to last frame with two shortcuts that I've created, then first the next frame and previous frame with other shortcuts.

I also managed to add shortcuts from key frame to key frame. So these ones are my own. I am used to work with them like this, so you shall be able to do it on your own. Oh, sorry, another shortcut CTRL+U is for the parenthesis and inside you can just select. And once you've selected something, you've changed the shortcut like this. And so be careful while you're changing because, as you can see, there are lots and lots and lots of shortcuts inside Harmony, so you might destroy something while creating a new one. So be really careful about what you do. And I've created...so for these ones, I've really needed to jump from position, rotation, and scale, so I use ALT, 1-2-3-4-5, which are my main tools of compositing. For me it's really important so then I can work more efficiently. So forgive me if I did things you didn't see properly at the first step. I'll be more careful about explaining that later. So I've created a peg CTRL+P, linked it with the ALT.

And what I want to do is that I want my effects to begin when my chicken is beginning to wipe out, so here seems to be the good frame, so I am going to rotate my element because I want to animate the element along my wires. So I put the center here and I would just rotate my element. And as I really want it to appear properly, I will do it like this. Okay, rotation is here and I know that it disappears. My last frame of effects is here, so let's say a few frames after I will manage to make my element disappear totally. But as you can see, it appears now, and if I go do the first frame, oh, actually I didn't animate, sorry. So let's do it again. Okay, so my element will appear inside this mask. But I shall just transform it. So let's say here, right-click on my element, drawing and duplicate drawing. So here I will remove part of it. Okay. And let's proceed. And from here, I will duplicate again, so ALT+SHIFT+D to create a new drawing. And here I will make it disappear, too. Okay, so now I have this and next is to disappear, okay. So once I've done that, I have my wires here and the mask. And what I want to do is I want this mask to be seen only inside the wire mask I've created.

So let's go on my combine and use again the cutter. As you notice, cutter is one of the most important elements inside Harmony. Oops, I think I did something wrong. Yes, I did something wrong. Yes, here it is. I did something wrong here. While I put it up because I have no key frame here for my position, so I need to add a key frame of my position here and then move it up just to remove the small elements here. Okay, let's do it again, my cutter, and let's say that my mask will be seen only inside the cutter.

Okay, now that I have this properly, I need to add a glow. So jump in the filter, let's say I want a glow and I want it to be exactly the same. Ten is a bit too much. Okay, let's say it is okay. And now I want another effect on it just to be nice sparkles, which is here, and I want the sparkles to be seen on my elements and mask. As you can see here, there is mask inside my element. So I want a lot of sparkles, really a lot. I want it to be dense and I want it to be brightness, but smaller. Oh, as you can see, they are too much. Let's reduce.

Let's say this is okay. Oh, as you can see, it goes along with my effects. So now if I go there, it is going to disappear. Okay, the wires effects is made. Okay, now I did the small panel and I did the wires and now let's jump to the big screen.