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Hello, everyone, Davi here again, and welcome back to my tutorial on Nodes. This time we are gonna take this drawing here, and make it look a lot like a golden surface, like that. So let's start by turning this one off, so we can do this step by step together. And the first thing we want to do is what's inside this group here, which is smaller, lighter copy inside. Again, I gave it this name. So let's go inside, and let's explore one by one.

First, what I want to do is I want to attach a color override, so I get the original drawing, and make it lighter, like that. You probably guessed that if I go into properties here, all I did was take the yellow color and drag it into here, and picked a new one here, which is this brighter yellow, that's gonna override the old yellow. And now we're gonna get macro sized, like when we were doing the black stroke. But this time, we don't want to expand anything, we want to actually shrink this.

So, we're gonna give this radius a negative value. Let's try -8 or -5. You see, it's actually shrinking the original drawing. I think it looks good with -3, so let's leave it with that. This effect is almost ready, but I think that what really helps me sell the idea of a golden shiny surface is this one here. So let's turn this on and go inside to understand what am I doing.

Inside of this, I have a new drawing. And it's a diagonal rectangle, again I named this. And it's basically three boxes with this color here that is a white color with 120 on the alpha box, and I want to cut this around my drawing, so all I see is inside of it, on each one of these boxes. So I'm gonna put a Cutter here, and attach it, because this is what I want to cut. And I'm gonna use the original drawing to cut this, but it's not gonna work now, because it's doing exactly the opposite of what I want. Its cutting the inside of the drawing. But if I go inside the Cutter here, and open the properties, you can see there's an inverted box here. And if I check it, now it's leaving whatever is inside of this on and cutting whatever is not. So I think that looks already like a golden surface. And on the next tutorial, I'm gonna start giving this a little bit of a 3D look, like that, so I'll see you there. Bye.