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Beata Lukasiewicz

Beata Lukasiewicz


England, United Kingdom

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Video Transcript

Welcome to the Creating Layers video tutorial in which I will show you how to create layers.

Right now, you can see we have one layer, which is a drawing layer, in the Timeline view. You can also see it in the Xsheet view and in the Node view.

To create more layers, we have to go to Layers in the timeline. Press on the plus and select the layer you want to create, like for example a Drawing one. A new window will appear, where you can rename your Drawing layer, choose to use a vector or bitmap for the Line Art or Colour Art. You can just press Add and Close. That will add one layer. Or you can press several times on Add, depending on how many layers you want to add. I will add two, so I will press twice. One and two and Close.

As you see, two more Drawing layers appeared in the Timeline view, two more columns in the Xsheet view and two more Nodes in the Node view.

You can also create a Drawing layer by going to the Xsheet view, right-clicking on the column and selecting Add Columns. Again, the same window will appear where you can rename your drawing. You can choose the type. I'm choosing Drawing. You can choose again between vector and bitmap and just press Add or Add and Close.

You can also create a Drawing layer by pressing [Command + R]. The same window will appear. Press Add and Close and as you see, an additional Drawing layer appears in all of the views.

That will be all about creating layers in Toon Boom Harmony 12. Tune in for more tutorials.