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Creating Scenes

Learn how to create scenes and set custom resolutions from the Welcome screen.

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Beata Lukasiewicz

Beata Lukasiewicz


England, United Kingdom

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Video Transcript

Welcome to the Scene Creation tutorial in which I will show you how to create a scene in Harmony 12.

We need to start with launching the software. Depending on the operating system you are using, you will find your software in Program files, for Windows or in Applications for Mac users.

I'm using Mac, so I'm going to launch my software by going to Applications, scrolling down to find the Toon Boom Harmony Premium folder and then selecting Stage.

So as you launch the software, the Welcome Screen will appear, in which you can create a new scene or open an existing one. On the left-hand side is a section in which you can create a new scene, type your scene name, choose the location, camera size, width, height, frame rate, and field of view. You are able to choose all the settings in a quick preset list. If you would like to create a new option in a preset list, just press on the plus on the side. Type a resolution name, width, height, choose a field of view and a frame rate and confirm by pressing Create. If there is an option in the quick selection list that you would like to remove you have to just simply select the option and press the minus on the side. When you are happy with all your scene settings, just press on Create Scene and the software will launch for you a new scene.

To open an existing scene, you have to use the selection on the right-hand side. It displays all the scenes you recently worked in.

As you launch the software for the first time, this section will be completely empty. To open an existing scene you have not recently been working in, but you know it exists somewhere on your computer, just go to Open and find the scene in your files. You have to go inside the scene folder and press on an .xstage file and the software will launch. It is important to know that as you create a new scene, you are not creating a single file, an .xstage file, but a whole folder which is holding an .xstage file in it, plus the elements and all of the information about the scene.

It's important to remember that if you want to move your work to another location you cannot remove the .xstage file and just move that. You have to actually select and move the whole folder together.

I guess that will be all about scene creation. Tune in for more tutorials.