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Hello, everyone, it's Davi here, and welcome back to the third part of my tutorial on Nodes. So let's focus on creating this golden look on our original drawing here. And everything that makes this golden look is inside this group that I created and I named it Golden_Top_Face". So let's go inside. Turn everything off so we can build this together. And focus on the first effect, which is this lighter yellow version of the original drawing that is only showing on the top left corner. So let's go inside and understand what's happening here.

So I'll disconnect this from the composite and bring it straight down. First, let's put a color override to modify this color. I want this to be a lighter yellow. So I attach to the original one, open the properties, and it gives me all the colors that I'm using on this document. I'm just gonna drag the one that I want to add it here. And since it says new RGBA, the current is this one, and the new one is here. I can just click here and choose whatever color I want, like that. Let's choose this lighter yellow, and close this.

And now, let's figure out how do we cut this. So, I can only see the top left corner and we're gonna use a Cutter for that. A Cutter has two ports, the one on the right is where you attach the thing that's gonna be cutted. And the one on the left, is the thing that it's gonna cut whatever is in here. And of course the output. So let's first attach this thing so we can cut it, and now figure out a way to use the original drawing to create something that cuts this thing.

If we connect the original drawing straight down, they have the same shape, so it's gonna cut everything. But, if we connect this here on the composite so we can see it, and use an apply peg transformation mode, and a peg, let's get a new one. You see that I can do whatever I want with this copy, and the original one is gonna be intact. So let's put somewhere that makes sense to the effect that we want, like that and attach it to the Cutter, and there we go. We can still add it after we connected it so it's closer to what we think looks good, like that. An that's the original effect that we wanted, so on the next tutorial, I'm gonna make this look more like a golden font like that. So, I'll see it.