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Romuald Drouillard

Romuald Drouillard

Technical Director and Co-founder

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

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And now let's add some light. So pull the turbulence out, create a composite. Add under, and then first step is I want to create a drawing here which will I use to create the lights. So first step is create a light mask. Okay, here is my light_mask. Plug it to my peg, here it is. Create with the brush tool. And effects here, here it is, put it above from the beginning to the end where I see my element. Let's remove the cutter and here it is. I put it a bit...oops, have it up. Okay, and this element, I will add a blur, a radial blur, which help me creating something. Of course, it's black, we won't see it.

And let's create a group, Ctrl+Shift+G, which I will call, Lights. Okay. And inside this group, I will create a new effects with the generator will be...no, not the generator. I will add the turbulent noise. I had some issue finding it again. So here is my turbulent noise, and what I want is this turbulent noise to be seen inside the light mask I've created. So let's put it under here, which doesn't care, actually. Use a cutter, says I want to see it inside and render. So here it is, but the turbulent noise needs to be adapt, so let's reduce the size of my element, remove the blur if you want. Something like 60, okay 55. Okay, let's say 55 is okay. And go in the timeline, check the turbulent noise here from frame one where we see it. Press F6, one key frame until the end, and evolution is five. Let's say it is okay.

Then I am trying to add the light rays. Using this element I will go in the Node Library > Sapphire. And in the Sapphire, I will try to find the EdgeRay effects, which is actually here, and add it to my element. So if you can see here, first, my rays create rays using the luminance of my element here. So what I will do is go inside the properties and move it so that everything looks good from above. Something like 24, okay, 4, okay. Let's say it's okay for the position. And I will increase the ray length. Okay. Increase the brightness, okay. Let's say it's okay for that. And we will proceed to next step. And here it is, lights from my elements.