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Romuald Drouillard

Romuald Drouillard

Technical Director and Co-founder

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

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Now the background and the effects is done, I will just use a cutter once again, and I want to see all of this inside this. Oh, sorry, oop... Let's plug it behind my composite, and let's say I will see everything inside the mask. But, as I told you, I want now to add deformation effects turbulence on my element, and if I do it straight and change it to 55, for instance, I will see that... Oh, it's not enough. Let's say 80 and bigger, okay.

If I go back, I will see this won't fit to my screen border here. There will be a mistake. So first step is to create a mask bigger than the screen. I will use my mask here, and pick in the move category and apply peg transformation. Put it here, and once it's here, I will unhook that, add a peg on my element, check out for the anchor points. Okay, so I will just... Because I want the mask. Oh, sorry, this one here, I want the mask to be seen. So here it is, and check the size and I make it bigger. So now my elements are bigger, I know they will go outside the screen. I can add turbulence, which will be okay, and then create a second cutter, and use the mask again without the transformation. And here it is, I have my element perfectly fitting to my screen border.

Okay, let's animate the turbulence from the moment we see. Okay, from here we see the screen to the end. Let's go inside my element. I check the turbulence, I press, "O," here it is, the turbulence, and press F6, create the key frames here and go to the end. Okay, let's move it on the left. If I go to the end, I will say I want some evolution to five. Let's say it's okay. And check from one to another, okay. All right, it's a bit too much. So if I go inside the amount here, I might reduce... And reduce the frequency, too. Looks better.

As you can see, I miss the layer the mask here to mask the ground. So it's not really working perfectly. So if you check the ripple mask I created here and press, "O," you will see that it's only visible on one frame, the one when I created it. So I'm gonna move it. The first frame where I see the screen until the end, and press F5 to create it from the beginning to the end.

So here it is, we have an element, which is moving, but as you can see, my TextureFlux is not moving, there's only the distortion. So let's go inside the TextureFlux. First frame here, press, "O," F6, open it, and last frame, and here I will just change... Where is it? Where is it? Oh, yeah, it's moving, sorry. Many mistake. So no need to animate, so just...would up F7 to remove the key frames. So here it is, it is done, and now I add the turbulence. Okay, let's say it is okay.

Let's say it is the underwater background. So I select everything here and pull the mask out and say all of this will be inside the group, and I need then to remove all this stuff, all right. And this is the underwater background. Looks like something weird. No, actually, it's working. So here is my underwater background.