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Romuald Drouillard

Romuald Drouillard

Technical Director and Co-founder

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

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Next step is to create the water effects here on the edge underwater. So I will go inside my GenArts Sapphire plug-ins, which, as I told in the beginning, is the new feature of Harmony 12, the possibility to use OpenFX inside Harmony. And in this Sapphire I will try to find the TextureFlux, which shall be down somewhere like on the, "T," TextureFlux here. I will link it to my gradient, which is for the sky, and go inside the properties. So inside these properties, first thing I want to do is increase the frequency. So it shall reduce the bubbles, what called the bubble. I'm trying to move also the bubble amount so it is a bit smoother and maybe increase a bit the smooth, okay? Reduce a bit the darkness, for instance. A bit too much, okay. So let's say it's convenient, change a bit the color so it will fit with my background colors. Let's say it is okay.

So now I need to change it in perspective. So another cool effect from Sapphire is the WarpPerspective, which is here. So I will use it, plug it into my TextureFlux, and as you see my element is straight in perspective because it has 35 angle of movement. If I increase, you can see that it will change. So what I don't like is these small lines, if you look closely, which are due to this tile crop X and Y. So if I change it to reflect, both of them, I will have something. You can see that it repeats, but we won't see anything once totally in position. So here is the perfect crop. And now I will just change the perspective angle so it will fit with my elements. Maybe it is a bit...okay, 88, and I shall also move the origin, the Y origin, so this part is not that close from the camera. As you can see, it moves it a little bit backward.

Then, once this is preparated, then I will just try to create a mask here to fade out this part of the effects. So I go here, and here I press Ctrl+R, and Ctrl+R is the creation of new drawing. Add drawing layer, which I will call ripples_mask, for instance. Maybe it's not the good word, but everyone will understand what I mean. I go and take this, oops, and I can draw straight on the rendered picture. So let's do it like this. Then I add a radial blur, something really, really easy. Oh, I forgot one thing while doing it, is to... Let's go inside the drawing. Where is my drawing? Here it is. So I removed it and I will do it again. Sorry for this mistake. So I reduce that. Let's say like this, okay. Take down the blur to 5, 7, okay. And what I want is my element to be seen outside this ripple_mask. So let's go inside the combine, use a cutter once again, out, and here it is. I see my element fading away.