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Drawing the Arm

Draw like a rigger. Learn the steps required at the drawing stage in order to turn a simple drawing into something that can be rigged and animated using the Ellipse tool.

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Stacey Eberschalg

Stacey Eberschalg

Toon Boom Software Instructor and Animator

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Video Transcript

Hello again, my name is Stacey Eberschlag and this week I'm going to show you how to build a joint in Harmony. As well as at the end of this video, I'll do a small piece of animation.

So let's begin by building our arm.

I'm going to use my Line tool and I'm just going to draw for myself a couple of straight lines. And this is going to represent my actual arm. I'm going to press [K] to show the strokes of my arm.

And I'm going to now put a little circle in the centre. I'll change over to my Ellipse tool. It's very important that you hold [Shift]. I'm just holding [Shift]. And I'll put my ellipse somewhere in the middle that's going to represent the eblow.

Now why I said to press [K] is you want to see your strokes and pressing [K] Shows Strokes and pressing [K] turns them off. And you want to be sure that the centre spline of the circle crosses over the centre spline of each side of the arm.

And I can see that it isn't doing it on this one, so I'm just going to use my arrow keys and I'm going to move that up.

Now last thing I'm going to do is I'm going to finish the end of the arm.

Again, holding [Shift] to make a perfect circle. And this perfect circle isn't as important at this point, because we aren't rotating. And there we go.

Still not crossing over.

I'll hold [Shift] just to make that a touch bigger. And now you can see that we're crossing over on both this side... And I'm just going to make sure I'm not crossing over too much, because you can see the little bulge on the line there.

I'm going to go back a little bit more. And there you go.

So now we have what will become the upper arm, the elbow and the lower arm.