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Drawing the Pendulum

Start by drawing your pendulum using the Line and Paint tools.

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Stacey Eberschalg

Stacey Eberschalg

Toon Boom Software Instructor and Animator

Toon Boom Animation

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Stacey Eberschalg and I'm a trainer at Toon Boom Animation. What I'm about to show you today is a very, very basic exercise in how to do an animated pendulum.

Let's begin by simply drawing our pendulum shape. It doesn't matter if we draw in the camera or the drawing layer, so I'm going to just stay in the camera because this is where we're going to watch our animation anyway. And I'm going to go over to my drawing tools and grab a line. Just draw some straight line and then choose my second tool, which is an ellipse, and by holding shift, I can draw myself a perfect circle. Now, this circle can be filled with color by choosing the paint bucket and simply clicking on that area. Now, we're almost ready to begin.