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Shabana Ali

Shabana Ali

Multimedia Artist

Montreal, Canada

Toon Boom Animation

Video Transcript

Drawing Pivots.

So if you plan to animate the elements of a layer, then you should definitely set its pivot. Its pivot is the point that it will rotate from, scale from, being moved from, etc. So in order to set the pivot, you have to go to the Motion Toolbar and select the Transform Tool. And automatically, the motion controls appear. And you'll notice that the pivot is sort of randomly off to the side of this character. So you might have said that you'd like to place it in a more natural place such as at his chest or maybe even between his feet, wherever you feel would be the natural point that you could then pull him from, rotate him from, etc.

If you would like to move the pivot to dead center, you can do this by going to the top menu and selecting Layer > Pivot > Center Pivot on Selection, and you'll notice that the pivot has been moved to dead center of the character. Once again, this might look a little strange to you. You might not believe that this looks like it's the center of the character or it still looks like it's in a really strange place. In fact though, this is the center. If we go to the Select Tool and we select the entire character, we'll see that this white pivot point is exactly in the same place. So despite the way of the character's drawn, the center of all the lines and shadows is exactly here.

If, for example, you decide that you'd like the pivot point to revert to its default position, you can do this by going back to the top menu and selecting Layer > Pivot > Reset Pivot. And we can see that it's once again here at the side. And any repositioning that you make of the pivot is a permanent repositioning. So, for example, if you click other tools and other layers and then come back to this layer and go back to the Transform Tool to make another movement on this character, you'll see that his pivot point has remained exactly where you last left it.