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Duplicating Layers and Setting Pivots

Efficient joints are key! Set a temporary pivot position using the Brush tool. Learn how to split a single arm drawing into two layers and get rid of unnecessary lines with the Cutter tool.

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Stacey Eberschalg

Stacey Eberschalg

Toon Boom Software Instructor and Animator

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Video Transcript

Hi there, this is Part 2 of Building an Arm and Animating it and what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to set a temporary pivot position.

Now to do that, I'd like to use my Brush tool. And the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to just see how big, how thick my brush line is. And I would say that's not too thick to do the activity that we're about to try.

Now, I'm going to select my Select tool and click on this ellipse that we created earlier. Now you notice the ellipse has a perfect dot that shows the centre of the ellipse. And I'm going to start by zooming in on the that ellipse, on that dot.

And now we're going to press [Alt + B], which is going to change my Selection tool to a Brush. And I'm just going to left mouse-click my mouse. And you can see that when I zoom back out, it's given me the perfect centre point to my arm.

Now it's not important to do that with the bottom of the arm. It's just something that you want to do for your elbow.

The next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to make a duplicate of this art, because basically part of this art is going to be the upper arm and part of this art is going to be lower arm.

So I'm going to go to my timeline, I'm going to right-click on this and I'm going to say: Duplicate Selected Layers. And now you can see that I have both Drawing and Drawing_1. And I'm going to take one and call this: upper_arm. And I'm going to call this one: lower_arm. Now I'll select my upper_arm and I'll grab my Cutter and I'll just cut away what I don't need. And you can see that...

Let's go to the Drawing [view], so you can see that a bit better.

I'm in my Camera view. You can see that I've cut away the lower part of the arm. I'm also going to cut away that line right there. I'm going to go to the lower_arm and now I'm going to cut away anything that's upper arm.

And the Cutter is great, because as you click and drag over any of those lines (I'm just going to go back in time, click and drag, click and drag) it cuts away all of the artwork that you don't need.