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Beata Lukasiewicz

Beata Lukasiewicz


England, United Kingdom

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Welcome to the tutorial on how to use the Flipping toolbar. Toon Boom Harmony has a flipping feature that lets you rapidly flip through the drawings in the drawing view as is done with paper drawings. You should be able to see the easy flipping toolbar on the top of your drawing view in the hand-drawn animation work space. If it's not there, you can bring it to the work space by going to the top menu, Windows > Toolbars, and select Easy Flipping. You should also have on the top of your drawing view a Flip toolbar. If not, go again to the Windows menu and select the Flip toolbar from the Toolbar list. In the Easy Flipping toolbar, click the previous or next button to see the previous or next drawing of your animation.

To display drawings in the first frame after you reach the last frame of your animation, select the Loop option. Move the slider to the right to flip forward and to the left to flip backward though your drawings. The further you move the slider to the left or right, the faster the drawings will flip. If you marked some of your drawings you can flip through the markers and avoid seeing all of the Inbetweens. Simply go to the flip toolbar and select the type of marked drawings you would like to flip between, for example Key Frames and Breakdowns. And that's how you use the Drawing Flipping toolbar.