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Hi there, my name is Christina Halstead and this is a tutorial for Toon Boom Harmony Essentials. And I'm going to be showing you how to add a Glow effect to your scene.

And so you can see here I've got my DOG_MASTER, which basically has all of the assets inside the group. And what I'm going to do is add a Glow.

Now one thing about Glow is that it's going to affect... It's basically going to treat the entire layer that it is attached to as a mattte basically. So if I want to see the character and the Glow, I'm going to want to clone my layer.

So I right-click and select Clone Selected Layers: Drawings and Timing. I do that, that way if I animate my character, the clone will mimic the MASTER that's being animated and therefore the Glow will follow the character. So I'm going to go ahead, so I don't get them confused. I'm going to call this: Dog_glow. And what I'm going to do now is add the Glow effect to it. And there are a couple ways you can add effects to your scene. One way is to go up to the Insert drop-down menu, go to Effects > and find it there. You can also right-click on it, go to Insert > go to Effects and find it that way as well. Or you can go to Add Layers, which is this symbol right here. Effects > and Glow. I'm going to go ahead and add that. There we go.

What I did was basically added... It didn't actually attach itself to the layer, so I went ahead and dragged it to the layer and attached it, by dropping it onto the layer. So now you can see there's all sorts of craziness going on with this character. Basically, all his pieces have the Glow effect on them.

Now if we actually see what it's going to look like rendered, we have to exit Open GL view, which is right here, and go into Render view. There we go.

We can see that the character is actually lightly coloured. If I turn off the system there, the layer for the matte essentially, it goes back to its regular colours. Oops, we got an extra bit right here. Let me go ahead and get rid of that. Turn off you. There we go.

So here is our Glow effect. Now the way we work with that is... Let me actually go back to the Glow. There it is.

All right, so if we go into the Layer Properties. We can see that there are a couple of parameters we can mess with.

First thing I'm going to show you is the colour. You have the colour bar here. You can either change the colour numerically or you can double-click on the colour bar right here and change it with the Colour Picker. I'm going to go ahead and turn him fluorescent green, cause that's fun. I'm also going to turn on a Colour Card that I made earlier, so we can see him a little bit easier. So we can see that the character is indeed glowing in this green colour.

If we want to, we can actually go into the radius and expand that colour out past the character itself. So now you can see that it's dispersing the colour a little bit further out from the actual character. Now it just looks like he's completely radioactive.

We can also change the intensity. And now he's basically going into full meltdown.

All of these parameters are actually... You can animate them over time using keyframes in your timeline. Which is pretty cool. So if you wanted to have a character power up, you can bring up the intensity and change the colour, so it looks like they're either really heating up or really getting ready to do something completely awesome.

Another thing we can do is we can actually invert the matte. Which has a real cool effect.

Let's say your character was standing in a doorway of a darkened room and it had a bright light behind them. This effect would give you this awesome bright background. And you can see the colour leaking into the character. So it looks like he has a core shadow. It's a pretty cool effect.

Another thing you can do is use the source colour. In this case, because we do have the actual assets as the source matte for the glow. We can actually use source colours and it'll kind of make the character look like he's glowing from the inside. Kind of like a nightlight. And obviously the brighter the colour, the more it looks like there's kind of like a fire inside or a light source within the character. If you raise the intensity, you can see it changing.

Obviously the darker the colour the less that it's going to look like it's glowing. And obviously with the white parts here, it looks like they're even brighter. You'll notice that the colour part is dimmed out. That's because we're using the source colour and you won't be able to change any of that while that is checked.

And that is how you use the Glow effect.