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Importing Illustrator Files - Part 1

Learn how to prepare your Illustrator files and import them in Harmony through the Library view.

About the Author

Jonathan J. Mortimer

Jonathan J. Mortimer

Animator and Storyboard Artist

Scotland, United Kingdom


Video Transcript

Okay guys, how are you doing? My name is Jonathan Mortimer. I'm a freelance animator and storyboard artist currently based in Sunny Scotland. For the past few years, I've been using Toon Boom products internationally for animated films and for games. Today, I've been asked to bring you tutorials on how to use Harmony Essentials. Hope you enjoy this. Let's get started.

Hi guys, how are you doing? My name is Jonathan Mortimer. I am a storyboard artist and animator currently based in Scotland, and today we re going to have a little look at Toon Boom Stage 12 Essentials.

But before we do that, let's have a look at Toon Boom Forum. In this forum, you can ask questions about Harmony, Storyboard Pro or anything you wish. You can even give recommendations or even make requests for future tutorials. With that out of the way, let's get started guys.

So, I've got Harmony here. This is Harmony 12, The Essentials Package. Ready to get started. What I'm going to be showing you today guys, if I just minimize the list that enters for two ticks, what we are going to be looking at is importing different file formats into Harmony and how we might use them. Okay?

What I've got here is I've got some vector files, I've got AI plus the FXG. I'll be explaining the difference between them, and the issues and problems that might occur with them. And I've also got a couple of files here, a couple of Photoshop files we can fill in, advantages and disadvantages and what we can expect from there. Okay, guys?

So first off, I would like to thank the animation studios. They allowed me to use some of my work that I did for them, for part of this tutorial. Very much welcome, and it helps show you guys exactly where they are going to be used and how they were used in the film or something very similar.

So, let's have a look at Harmony. I guess I've brought it back up again. Okay, guys, we have got a couple of options. We can go to the File to actually Import these files and let's just say, for example, you've already started using Illustrator or another package and you want to import your still images or your files into Harmony to start animating them or start to create your scene. We can go to Import and start looking at Images here, and we can start browsing.

Another option is that we have got Import and we can go to SWF, Illustrator Files to Library, which will import it straight here for us. Or, we can also go to other options such as the top one, Import Images. It's entirely up to yourself guys. There's at least three options in which you can import your files in, that's not the reason. What I'd recommend you do, is as you know it was right here in the Library, right-click, we have to change it to a Right To Modify. If we try to Import Files in...this is what is going to pop up, "Toon Boom Stage Essentials Library is read-only". So how do we get rid of that guys? Right to modify. You'll see the padlock disappears and it's been unlocked, we've gone to Right To Modify, now we can start importing these files in.

If I just take you back to the desktop and show you to my folder, a little reminder that FXG files will not be seen, so I would recommend if you are going to export any vector files that you have created, export them as AI files. That way, you can import them individually or as a group. Let's try and import them as a group.