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Importing Illustrator Files - Part 2

Learn how to import your files from the Library view to the Camera and Timeline view.

About the Author

Jonathan J. Mortimer

Jonathan J. Mortimer

Animator and Storyboard Artist

Scotland, United Kingdom


Video Transcript

Hi, guys. How are you doing? My name is Jonathan Mortimer here with part two of the tutorial of "How to import different file formats into Toon Boom Harmony". So let's have a little recap of what we did previously. We had a folder set up with all our different files down here. So I am taking this from Illustrator. Nothing new and unusual here, so make sure you go to File and Save As, and save as an AI file. Perfect. Go on back in. Okay, so as we discussed previously we have to unlock the Library to allow us to import different files in. To do so, we right-click, and we have to change it to Right To Modify. As you can see the padlock disappears and now we can actually import the files in.

What I am going to do is I'll import just a couple files for now. There we go. So as soon as you import it, it will be renamed a TPL file or Template file. We can select these files individually. What I would like to show you is a neat little function for preview. If I pull this down, nothing has been generated yet. However, if we right-click and Generate Thumbnails, there we go. It will give us a thumbnail of that image and we can do this again. There we go. So now, we can actually see what each file or each image is going to look like and I can continue doing this for the rest.

Okay, guys, so we have our previews set up. We can see our thumbnails of each image and now it's really a matter of left-click and drag the individual images onto the Stage. So I just pull this back, here we go, here's my character. As you notice, when you drag and drop it straight onto the Stage it will get its own layer. So if I repeat the process again for the next file, there we go, it will continue to create a new layer for every image that we have. All we have to do now is select each image and copy and paste them onto one layer.

Here's one I've done earlier for you guys. So I've got all my Illustrator files imported in, I've got my thumbnail generated and I have granny here. So if I just press Play, you can see the animation happen on the screen now. And that's that. Fabulous. All the way back. So, this technique has been used just by importing different frames from Illustrator or different images. Okay guys, so that just gives you a little insight into how to animate the character using Illustrator files.

What we can also do is we can go to Import > Images and this time I'm going to look for a background, which is going to be a JPEG and press open. So it's going to create a new layer and it's going to create a single layer, and we can choose to name this anything we wish for now and just press OK. And we can see as soon as that's been imported, a new layer has been created for it. I can, like you can in any other program such as Photoshop, it's on layers, so I can actually start moving these about. There's good old granny, and here's a background that has been provided for me as part of the tissue production which was sponsored by Toon Boom and yeah, it gives you just a little sense of what granny does in that scene.

We can select granny if we unlock this layer and if we want to, we can now resize her to fit a bit more into the shot and move her around. Usually, you would have the background in first to get a sense of where the character is going to be placed. This is just to illustrate my point of, here's the background, here's the character, at this point because I've imported the background last, I'd have to go in and start resizing granny frame by frame. This is just to illustrate how to import different files in and depending on what you would like to do.

Okay guys, I think that's about it. If there are any problems, queries or questions, feel free to post on Toon Boom Forum and please make requests for any other tutorials that you would like to hear. Thank you very much guys and happy animating.