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Video Transcript

In this group of tutorials, we'll be talking about the drawing tools and their use in the process of designing a character. And in this video, we'll learn how to import images which we can then draw over in a new drawing layer.

Another way that you could approach designing a character using Harmony 12 would be to do some brainstorming sketches on paper first and then import that and draw over it in a new layer. The steps to import an imagine are to go to File and then Import and then Images. Now I've imported this image also to show you another feature called Show Current Drawing on Top. This function allows you to override the layer order in your timeline so that you can see a drawing layer on top of your other layers temporarily. And you access this by clicking on this blue diamond-shaped icon in the lower left corner of the Camera view, or by going to your drop down menu at the top of the screen and select View and then Show and then Current Drawing on Top.