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Video Transcript

Importing Images.

You could import a variety of different images into Storyboard Pro, including both bitmap and vector. Some of these file types include AI, PDF, JPEG, PNG and PSG files, just to name a few. So to input an image, you have to go to the Library panel. And then click on one of these folders in the library. So I'm going to click on Templates, Characters and then right click on Characters and select Import Files. The import files browser window appears that allows you to browse through your computer to fine the file that you're looking for. If you go to the bottom you can see they it also list all the various file types that you're able to import. So I'm going to click on this file Celina, which is a PNG file and click open. As you can see it now appears in the character's folder of the library view.

So I can click on this Celina PNG image, and then drag and drop it onto any panel in my project. As you can see, it's been imported into that panel. Another way that you can import images into your project is by going to the File menu at the top and selecting Import > Images as Scenes. A browser window appears, allowing you to navigate to some place on your computer where you have an image file. As you can see, the image has been imported as its own scene.

Another thing you can do is go back to the File menu and select Import > Image as Layers. Once again, the browser window appears, you can select your image. Click Open and now you can see that in fact there are two Celinas. So one was used to create the scene, while the other was imported into a layer of the selected scene.