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Beata Lukasiewicz

Beata Lukasiewicz


England, United Kingdom

Beata's Animation

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Welcome to the tutorial where I will present how to ink and paint your animation. When your animation is cleaned up, it's time to start putting some color on it. You can fill your drawings with color, and ink your line. To fill your drawings with color, you need to select the paint tool, in the toolbar on the left. Choose the color in the Color View, and fill your drawn shape with the color by selecting the space your want to color. The paint tool works only on the drawings with the closed vector lines. To see the vector line, you have to press K on your keyboard.

If you want to paint a drawing which has an open vector line, use a close gap tool to close the gaps. You can find the close gap tool in the toolbar on the left under the paint tool. Press on the little triangle to open the paint tools list, and select closing gap tool, or use the keyboard shortcut, ALT + C. Use the closing gap tool by drawing the line between the vector points. The gap should be now closed and you should be able to use the paint tool.

To ink the line, choose the ink tool from the paint tools list, choose the color you want to use and select the line. Additionally, to paint and ink you can find on the list under the paint tool, tools like paint unpainted, which allows you to paint unpainted areas and does not affect the painted parts of the drawings, repaint, to paint again only already painted areas, unpaint, to unpaint painted parts of the drawing and stroke, to draw with the vector line. That will be all about about paint and ink in harmony.