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Video Transcript

Welcome to the Toon Boom Harmony 12 video tutorial series. My name is Mike Wiesmeier, I'm a Toon Boom software instructor and have 24 years experience in animation, production and teaching, including working on 9 feature films for the Walt Disney Studios.

In this group of tutorials, we'll be talking about the drawing tools and their use in the process of designing a character. And in this video, we'll get an introduction to the Harmony 12 interface.

The first thing I'd like to show you about Harmony 12 is a bit about the interface. There are three main areas in our working view. This large area is alternately the Camera view or the Drawing view. On the right side, we have various menu tabs which give us access to our tool properties as well as the Library where we store assets to reuse and also the Color Pallet. For now, we will focus on the Tool properties functions.

Our third main area is below the other two, and it is the Timeline view where we will add our drawing layers. Its use in animation will be covered in other tutorials.