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Beata Lukasiewicz

Beata Lukasiewicz


England, United Kingdom

Beata's Animation

Video Transcript

Welcome to Toon Boom Harmony Paperless Animation tutorial, in which I'll explain the process of creating hand-drawn paperless animation. To demonstrate it, I will show you a few stages of creating a simple ball animation.

I have started my animation by drawing the first and the last position of the ball, and the position in between. Then I tried timing it out and I drew the drawings in between. To show you the drawings in between, I will connect the layer with my basic drawings and the drawings in between. You can see now rough animation and rough drawings and rough timing.

When I was happy with my drawings and timing, I created a clean version of the animation, you can see it as a black line on the top of the blue line. I create a cleaned up version on the separate layer, just above the rough version. I will disconnect the rough animation so you can see clearly the clean layer. And again, when I was happy with my clean animation I decided to paint inside of my ball and the line art, this is how it looks painted. At the end, I connected to it the compositing modules like shadow, tone and highlight, and this is how it looks after compositing. You can see the highlight on the top, the tone at the bottom and the shadow underneath, and to see the whole rendered animation you have to go to a Render and Play option at the top. And here you can see how the animation looks at the end. And that's it, to find out more about paperless hand-drawn animation in Toon Boom, listen to the next tutorials.