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Davi Costa introduces his tutorial content and explains how you can create cut-out characters with several outfits reusing the same animations.

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Davi Costa

Davi Costa

Artist and Co-Founder, Digi Ten

Digi Ten


Digi Ten

Video Transcript

Hello everyone, my name is Davi Costa and I'm the co-founder and animator at DigiTen Studio, a mobile game developer. And on these videos I'm gonna show you how I made these characters on Dig a Way, our game. That he has a lot of animation but he also changes his outfits a lot, and of course having all these animations done again for each one of his outfits will be a lot of work, you can see how just some of his animations in here and it's a lot. And if you multiply that for the number of outputs they had it's a huge amount of work. So if you are making a game and your character is gonna change outfits or even if it's not, it's just an animation your character is gonna, it's gonna be the same character or a very similar character with different outfits or a different look. This is a nice technique to use. So I can show you here that I have some of his animations, like his idol, it's right here or his digging animation, and back here I have some of his outfits and you can see that it's the same animation but the character looks different. So I'm gonna show you an easy way to have that done without remaking your animations or your rig, just rigging once, animating once and then changing the look of your character. So I'll see you on the next video, bye.