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Large Scale Examples

See examples of full rig with all body parts inside symbols, body parts being switched and freedom to mix and match different body parts to create different styles.

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Davi Costa

Davi Costa

Artist and Co-Founder, Digi Ten

Digi Ten


Digi Ten

Video Transcript

Hello everyone it's Davi here again and welcome back to my videos on Change Outfits to your Character.

So now I'm going to show you how I used those techniques that I showed you on the previous videos on a large scale to create my character on Dig a Way. And on my left side here you can see my library with all my symbols and the ones that I wrote an OUTFIT right in the end are the ones that are bringing these drawings, the body parts, to my character and I just put this OUTFIT here just to let me know where to go if I want to change it.

So let's go to the Hat_OUTFIT, right click it and go to Edit Symbol. And you can see that we have our layers in here and this one says original and let's just show the Jamma one or even the Viking hat and go back to the top. And now he changes his hat and he's not being changed the hat just on this animation, he's gonna change it on every single one because they are all coming from the same symbol. And you can come here again and change it again, let's just say the Astronaut. And there it is, and every single part of my character is using the same logic, let's go to the Foot here. And let's get the Pajama Foot, and there. Of course, he's not going to be a full astronaut unless I go to each one of these and change it to the astronaut or a full pajama character. But this gives you an idea of an easy way to change the outfits without having to animate all over again or even rigging. So I hope this was useful and I will see you on the next time. Bye.