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Beata Lukasiewicz

Beata Lukasiewicz


England, United Kingdom

Beata's Animation

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Welcome to the light table tutorial. The light table is used to view in the washed out colors, other layers while you are creating drawings on the new one. It is very useful tool when you are designing, animating, or cleaning up your animation. I often use it when I am cleaning up, by drawing the clean line on the top of the rough one in the newly created layer. To turn on the light table, go to the toolbar on the bottom of the Camera View and select the yellow bulb, or go to the toolbar on the top of the Drawing View and select the yellow bulb. In the Camera View, when the light table is activated, all the layers but the currently selected one are shown washed out. The display returns to the normal mode when the select tool or a scene setup tool is selected. Only the currently selected drawing is displayed by default in a drawing view.

When enabling the light table, the other layers appear as washed out display and they are used as a reference. You cannot select or manipulate them. In the Timeline View, you can deactivate layers, which you don't want to be visible when the light table is on. To edit the light table preferences, go to Top Light dialogue box in the top of the Camera or Drawing View, where you can change Light Table Opacity and Light Table Wash. You can also edit the light setting by going to Stage menu, Preferences, and go to Drawing, where you can change the default light table settings. That will be all about the light table. Tune in for more tutorials.