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Beata Lukasiewicz

Beata Lukasiewicz


England, United Kingdom

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Welcome to a tutorial in which I will show you how to mark your drawings. When creating a hand-drawn animation, you might want to keep track of your Key Drawings, Breakdowns and Inbetweens. To do that you can mark your drawings using the drawing marking toolbar. The toolbar should be visible on the top of your Camera view or on the top of your Xsheet view in the hand-drawn animation works space. If it's not there you can bring it to your workspace by going to the top menu, Windows > Toolbars, and then selecting the Mark Drawing toolbar. To mark your drawing, you need to select it in the Timeline or Xsheet and then select the symbol you would like to use in the toolbar. Key frames are marked as a red dot in the Timeline and with the letter K in the Xsheet view. Breakdowns are marked as a blue dot in the Timeline, and letter B in the Xsheet view. If you select in the toolbar to mark Inbetween, you will see that it does not mark the drawing. You can use it to remove the marking from the Key or Breakdown. Just select your Key or Breakdown and select the Inbetween symbol in the toolbar. Additionally in Harmony you can mark your retakes. For Key frame retakes use RK, for the Breakdowns, RB and for the Inbetween retakes, RI. That will be all about marking drawings. Tune in for more tutorials.