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Learn some of the best ways to use and customize the menus in Storyboard Pro.

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Shabana Ali

Shabana Ali

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So there are three types of menus in Storyboard Pro: the Top Menu, the View Menus, and Contextual Menus.

Let's start by looking at the Top Menus, which are located at the top of Storyboard Pro and these menus house the most commands in the software. A lot of the menu items are repeated through the software, so the Top Menu is not the only place where you could find them. For example, the Tools Menu, a lot of these action items are actually the tools in the Tools Toolbar. The same with the Edit Menu, a lot of these items are in the actual Edit Toolbar right here. The File Menu, some of these File Menu items exist as buttons in the File Toolbar so don't worry if you're looking for something. Generally, action items are redundant throughout the software.

So these menus are dependent on what view is selected and what items or elements are selected. For example, in the Edit Menu, Group Drawing Selection is grayed out and that's because no drawings are selected. We're going to grab some of these drawings and go back to the menu. All of a sudden Group Drawing Selection now is active and I can select it as a menu item.

The next menu we have are View Menus and not every view has a menu. For example, the Stage View doesn't have one. But here in the Color View, we have a View Menu. It looks like a little sheet of paper like a menu with a black down arrow. If I click on that, you can see the Color View Menu only contains two items, whether you want to see the sliders in RGB or HSV.

If we go to the Panel view, I know there's also a View menu there, so it has a lot to do with captioning and text. Same with the Storyboard menu, it has to do a lot with captioning and text.

The next item is the Contextual Menu, which once again is dependent on what you click on. For example, if I click on this drawing once again in the Stage View and I right-click, all of my options in my right-click menu have to do with my selection in the Stage View. Because were I then to click on a panel and a Thumbnail View, those menu items would be different and they have more to do with the panels and the sequences and things that you would see in the Thumbnail View.

And sometimes you can click on certain places, such as the Color View, and nothing appears, because there's no contextual menu, just the general Color View. However, if you click somewhere in the swatch area of the color view, there is a contextual menu specifically for swatches.

So if you're ever unsure what to do with certain elements in the software, you can search these three types of menus and generally some type of help is available.