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Video Transcript

Opening a Project.

There are many ways to open a project in Storyboard Pro, the first being in the Welcome Screen after you launch the software. So there are two places where you can open a project from the Welcome Screen. You can either open a recent project in the Recent Project section by clicking on one of the links of the recently opened files. Or you can click on the Open Project button, which opens the browser that allows you to navigate to the place on your computer where a Storyboard file is saved, so in other words, a .sboard file.

Once inside the software, you can also open other projects, and you do this by either going to the top menu bar, selecting this little folder icon, which is the Open button, which also opens a browser window, or you can go to the top menu and select File > Open or Open Recent. So once again, Open Recent gives you a list of recently opened projects or the Open command just allows you to browse up on your computer. And you can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd+O on Mac or Ctrl+O on Windows.