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Michael Wiesmeier

Michael Wiesmeier

Toon Boom Software Instructor and Animator

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So once you've done the selection stage of your character design process, then its time to move on to the refining stage. So now that I've decided what overall combination of shape and proportion expresses visually who I understand my character to be, I can now start refining and adding to my design. So I've added a new drawing layer for this, and in the Drawing view with the Light Table feature enabled, I can see through to my previous layer. So what I'm doing now is developing the design with secondary smaller shapes. I'm not cleaning up my drawing yet, that will be the last step.

One idea in design is to create variety through the use of straight lines against curved lines. If you have too many repeating lines such as curve next to curve or straight next to straight, you can have too much similarity and not enough variety in your design. So balancing one side with its compliment, in other words, straight against curve, can add interest to your design.