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Shabana Ali

Shabana Ali

Multimedia Artist

Montreal, Canada

Toon Boom Animation

Video Transcript

Reordering Panels.

So the other thing you can do is reorder panels, and I'm Actually going to scroll to the beginning of the Thumbnail View in order to find the scene with just a single panel in order to make my example easier. So I can reorder this panel by grabbing the top tab here where you can see these two rows of little bumps. And if I grab that, I can drag this and put it in between two scenes like that. I can also drag it and put it somewhere in another scene or shot, or I can attach it to the beginning or end of a scene or shot, and you can see that by these brackets that are curved, so that would be to attach it to the end of the scene, and that would be to place it at the beginning of a scene.