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Christina Halstead

Christina Halstead

2D Animator and Character Designer

Burbank, USA


Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Christina Halstead and this is a quick tutorial about how to use Shape tools.

Basically Shape tools run pretty much similar to the Pencil tool, where you have a central line going through your stroke and you can change that after you've drawn it with the Select tool, which is the black arrow.

What I'm going to show you here is how to use the other tools that work similarly. In this case, the Line tool, which is pretty self-explanatory. You have a line that can be built upon. I don't know if you can see, but what happened here was these two lines were very close together, so their strokes actually link together because I have this selected. If you don't want that to happen...where basically you can pull them around; they're still somewhat attached by a stroke. If you don't want that to happen, you can go ahead and unclick that.

And the next one is the Rectangle, which is exactly what it sounds like. It makes a rectangle.

Now you can see that it actually auto-filled here to the same black colour of the line, because for this, I have this little box here ticked, which is the Auto-fill. If you turn that off your box will just be the line whose thickness can be altered with that little parameter right there.

If you want to make a perfectly square sqaure, rather than a rectangle, hold down [Shift] and drag your cursor out and you'll see that it's always going to be a box.

You can get your box and then you can also, if you let go of [Shift] it'll go back to following your cursor and make a more rectangular shape.

Another thing about the Box tool is that when you go into the Contour Editor, which again is this little white triangle here. You can move your four corners around, because it's still like the line. Everything has a contour point. You can just move them around.

The third shape in the Shape tools is the Ellipse. Much like the square, just drag it out and it will be an oval or a circle. Depending on if you are holding down [Shift], you will get your perfect circle. Let go of [Shift], you will get your oval.

Unlike the square, you don't really have one control point or four control points. You have many control points. Usually it's pretty even and you can actually just go ahead and pull those out. And just like the Pencil tool, if you double-click on those points You'll get handle bars that will let you reshape the line based on a curve. And also just like the line, you can go into the Select tool and alter your shape, using the control points and the Select tool, which just kind of highlights the entire area which it controls. And you can move it around. And you can skew it, by putting the cursor on the line and you'll get a little up and down arrow or side-to-side arrow and that's how you skew. If you want to rotate it, you just go outside one of the four corners and push and pull it around until you get that little circle right there.

And that's basically how you can alter any of these when you have the Select tool activated.

The last one is the Polyline and basically you can do straight lines with that, but usually that's if you go from one point to the other. Normally if you make a point and then drag, you'll get the handle bars for your control point, which means you can turn it into a curve instead of a straight line. You can actually link it back up too. And if you wanted, you could delete extra points of course, by either using the Contour tool. as just double tapping on one, or you can actually select a group and delete them. Of course that will drastically alter your line and anywhere the lines cross, you're going to get a new contour point. So be aware that that will happen if you have two lines come together like that.

And that is it for the other shapes that have the same kind of parameters as the Pencil.