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Shabana Ali

Shabana Ali

Multimedia Artist

Montreal, Canada

Toon Boom Animation

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Sound Editing.

So now that you've imported a bunch of clips into your timeline, you can edit them and adjust them to match your visuals. So one of the first things that you can do is you can select an audio clip and you can just drag it to reposition it. And in fact, you can drag multiple sound clips and reposition them together. If you'd like to make your sound clips smaller so that you can grab more of them at the same time, you can adjust them by sliding the zoom button so that the clips become smaller or you could use the keyboard shortcuts 1 and 2, which are the zoom buttons, that you can also use in the Stage or Camera View as long as the focus, which is this red line that's surrounding the timeline, is on the timeline. Another thing that you might want to do is show the actual waveform for these files so that you can see the voice. And I'll play the voice clip quickly.

Female: You, going to sleep for the next two years?
Male: Okay, I'm going.
So if you wanted to delete or remove a specific word, you would have to actually see the waveform to maybe guess where that word is. So you can do this either by right-clicking on any of the clips or anywhere on the audio track and selecting Show Waveform. Or you can go to the top menu and select Sound > Show Waveform. And as you can see, the waveforms now appear.

So now, if you'd like to delete the word...

Female: You. "You", we have an idea that it's probably this blob before it ends up to become a line. So I can just drag the front portion of the sound clip to delete it. And now when I play the sound clip again...

Female: Going to sleep for the next two years? we've eventually eliminated that part of the sound clip. Another thing you can do is split a sound clip. So say we wanted to split the sound clip at...

Female: Going to sleep for the next two years? so if I wanted to truncate the sound clip before the word "years," I can move my playhead to where I saw the word "years" start. Then I can right-click on the sound clip and select, Split Clip at Current Frame. And you can see that the front part of the clip and the back part of the clip have now changed colors. So now you can select either parts of the sound clip and separate them and manipulate them separately. You can also do the same thing by going to the top menu and selecting, Sound > Split Clip at Current Frame. So in order to hear the sound while you're editing the sound, you actually need to click on this button right here, Sound, from the Playback Toolbar.

Were I to disable this button and click on the play button, you'll notice that you didn't hear anything. So the Playback Toolbar allows you to see the images being played back as well as hear the sound being played back. So if we want to hear the sound, we have to click on the sound button. And if we try that one more time...

Female: Going to sleep for the next two years?
Male: Okay. I'm going.
we can see that we can now hear the sound. The last thing you can do is enable the Sound Scrubbing. And Sound Scrubbing is often used when you want to match up a character's lip movements or mouth position with what is being said. So currently, if I take the red playhead and I drag it across this waveform, we don't hear anything. So in order to enable the Sound Scrubbing, you can either right-click on the sound clip and select Sound Scrubbing, or you can click on this icon here, which is the sound scrubbing icon, or you can go to the top menu and select Sound > Sound Scrubbing.

So now, when I drag my playhead across the waveform, I can hear individual syllables. And once again, this is also good for any of the other editing that you might want to do such as splitting a sound clip at a specific word or a specific syllable. This gives you some precision in doing that as well.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that you can easily delete selected clips by going to the Sound Toolbar and selecting Delete Sound Clip or by clicking on the sound clip and selecting Delete Selected Clips or by simply clicking on the delete button.