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Timing and Setting on Twos

Adjust the timing of your animation by using the Set Ease For Multiple Parameters tool and learn to manipulate the ease-in and ease-out of each keyframe. Finish off by converting your interpolation to keyframes on every two frames using the Create Keyframes On tool.

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Stacey Eberschalg

Stacey Eberschalg

Toon Boom Software Instructor and Animator

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Now the last part of this exercise is going to be adding the timing and to do that, I just want to find the keyframes. You have to be on the keyframe in order to use our Ease for Multiple Parameters tool. Now, I'm going to simply select key number one and I want to make sure that I'm easing out. Now, we can see the Left Time Ratio is grayed out because there is no animation to the left of this keyframe. All the animation is happening to the right. Now, the larger the number in the Right Time Ratio, the more ease we're going to have. So because I want there to be quite a bit of ease at each keyframe and I want it to be fast in the middle, let's make this number 80. I'm going to press Apply. You can see that now it's going to go slow to fast. But when it gets to the next keyframe, I need it to slow down again. So I can either close this down and select this keyframe and follow the same steps again or I can simply say, Apply Next. So what that's going to do is it's going to apply the ratio that I put on key one and quickly pop over to the second keyframe. And let's just press this button and see that happen. Now, you can see that there's my old ease out and it's just speeding up until this keyframe.

So I wanted to ease into this keyframe and that's all happening on the left side of this keyframe, so I'm going to then make this 80 as well. Apply. I want to ease out and this is happening, what? To the right side of that keyframe. I can either hit Apply or Apply Next. I'm going to hit Apply Next and you can see that now we're on the last keyframe. And you can put the number in here or you can simply grab this handle and pull it. And I'll just pull it so it's close enough to 80. You can see that...I'll just leave it at 83. It doesn't have to be exact for this exercise. I'm going to press Apply and now Close and now we have...and let me just play this back so we can see what's happening. I'm going to go to frame 1. Ease Out, Ease In, Ease Out, Ease In. Now all of this animation is happening on ones and when I mean ones, I mean every single frame has movement. To change that onto twos, I'm going to simply highlight all these frames. I'm going to press this button, Create Keyframes On. It's down in the Timeline View. Every frame from frame 1 to 41 is going to be put on twos. I can say OK and now you can see my timeline has everything on twos and when I press play, you have a nice simple action.

Thank you for watching the video and I look forward to doing more of these videos. Stay tuned.