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David Bunting

David Bunting

Freelance Story Artist & SFX Animator

United Kingdom


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So now we've got our fire animated. I want to start to think about how it's going to affect everything else around this room, this hot light source. I want to start thinking about Douglas especially, sitting on that mat by the fire.

Part of the special effects, everybody thinks about the fire elements itself. But it's fitting it in the scene that really helps to make this scene alive. So having this flickering highlight on Douglas is going to be so important for me. As well as a highlight, it's really important to have a shadow. What it's doing is starting to make us describe the volume of this big, round, shaggy dog.

So let's have a look at doing a shadow element, which is done in just the same way as a highlight.

So I'm going to call this: douglas_shadow. Add.

Now this is something I can't generate in the computer; I've got to draw it myself. There's no way around it. But it's you know, it's really fun to do.

I'm going to go in with a big brush. A big soft brush. It starts to just rough out and think about form. I don't want to get obsessed about line. So just like the fire, starting rough. I'm building this, molding this into a three-dimensional object. So now that I've got my rough, let's go in and work that in linearly. douglas_shadow_clean.

Now that I'm working with my pencil, I can start think about describing that lovely, long hair of Douglas.

Then when I get over here, I'm going to put this safety paint line, because we're going to matte this out later.

I want to try to trace my outline with a shadow. Look awful and if it means I blurred it, it would all start to go to potter. So now I've got my cleanups for Douglas. I've got four drawings. Okay, so I'm just going to do a few inbetweens, because we don't want this boiling like crazy.

I think already, you can tell that it's going to work really nicely.

So let's get in and paint this.