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Using Symbols

Learn to create body parts separately, create a symbol for each piece and create your character rig using those symbols.

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Davi Costa

Davi Costa

Artist and Co-Founder, Digi Ten

Digi Ten


Digi Ten

Video Transcript

Hello everyone, it's Davi here again and welcome back to my tutorial on Creating Outfits for your Cut-out Characters.

We are gonna start by creating this really simple rig, this video is not about rigging so you can just use whatever technique you like the most. I'm just gonna make whatever is easier and faster just so we have something to work with. And I'm gonna fast forward so this video is not too long.

Okay, so we have our assets in here, I drew this really fast and I'm using my mouse so it's not my best drawing, but the next step is to just set the pivot points in the right places. Let's do this very fast in here and then setting the hierarchy on the node view and that's the fastest way to just create and rig a leg. This rig is ready and if we extend the drawings here in the timeline and we set opposing here and let's do the opposite on the last frame here. Like it's kicking something. You see that this rig works and it's probably the most simple technique but the problem is you are pretty much locked on these designs unless you come here and you change manually. You draw a different foot or a different leg in here and then let's say you want a green foot and then you want to come back to a blue foot, then you have to come back here and draw and paint it blue again and of course this is pretty simple but let's say you wanna do something much more complicated like putting spikes on this shoe or any complicated design. This will be a lot of work but the way I do this is by using symbols instead of just drawing on the timeline in here, so let's see how that works.

First, we are gonna take the hierarchy off. And I'm going to delete these key frames. And instead of rigging right now I'm gonna put each one of these assets inside a symbol and I know that not everyone likes to use symbols but I think it's really, really useful. In fact, I keep my symbols library on most of the time that I'm working right here on the left side of my screen. So I'm just gonna select the assets that I want and I'm gonna press F8. I'm gonna see this window here that says Create Symbol from Drawing Selection, let's give it a name that makes sense, Foot. And sure let's do it with the next one, F8 and this is the Lower_Leg. And finally, right here F8 in the Upper_Leg. And sure, let's delete everything and now you can see that on my library here I have all these assets inside these symbols and if I drag them into my stage, they are back here but now they have a different icon in here because they are inside a symbol, I can't edit in here, I can get the, let's say the eraser it's not gonna work. But it works if I go inside the symbol. So on the next step I'm gonna show you how I add this to a rig and then change outfits on the fly just really, really fast just by manipulating these symbols inside of each one of them. So I'll see you there. Bye.