Harmony and your IT Department

This paper presents the information required by an IT department prior to installing Toon Boom Harmony.

In this document, we will present the network prerequisites for a Toon Boom Harmony installation. There are multiple ways of installing Harmony, as well as numerous types of hardware that can work with Harmony. To perform a custom installation which fits the studio’s requirements, a proper analysis of the studio is required, such as; the type of project, the productivity expected, and the delivery date, etc. If you are not yet familiar with Harmony, you should get in touch with your sales contact at Toon Boom Animation Inc. to organize a needs analysis of your studio and production in order to make the best of Harmony and optimize your production pipeline.

Harmony and your IT Department

This document should be taken as a guide only. This guide should help you to understand the preliminary steps before performing a typical Harmony installation.

The person who will perform the installation should have proper knowledge and expertise in setting up and configuring networks, computers and operating systems. If you don’t have an IT department, or someone who knows the network technology thoroughly, please contact your sales representative at Toon Boom to organize an installation with our consulting department.

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