New Studio Setup for Animated Series

Introduction to the Toon Boom Harmony Solution

New Studio Setup for Animated Series New Studio Setup for Animated Series

Toon Boom is committed to stopping unauthorized use of its software. Like you, content providers, producers, directors and artists, Toon Boom knows that protecting the intellectual property and innovation is at the heart of our industry.

Since September 2008 Toon Boom has provided a new software licensing technology. This licensing technology will help to prevent unauthorized copying of the software and will no longer require the use of an USB electronic key (often called a Dongle).

Our licensing technology is designed to have a minimal impact on licensed users and provides maximum flexibility to fit to your studios need.

The model of license you will receive with your software determines important factors such as how you use the license, the flexibility with which you can transfer licenses between workstations, the method of deployment. The following table summarizes the four license models and their benefits.

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