Red Peugeot – Hybridshaped Music Video

4 years ago on 28/08/2014


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A short animated sketch which depicts Conrad, a red Peugeot out driving and suddenly sees Bella, a shiny beautiful Alpha Romeo. Conrad turns on his charm, but makes a fool of himself by trying too hard. Bella drives off and give Conrad a long face, but when she accelerates toward the piano a the landing goes terribly wrong and the wheel bounces off, and Bella suddenly need help.

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4 years ago on 27/02/2015

Great work integrating the animation with live action footage! That smoke trail effect looks amazing. You did a superb job moving the characters with their smoke trails in, out and around the camera to enforcing the illusion of 3D space.



4 years ago on 20/01/2015

I liked the rhythm of the music, not understanding the words, being on a different Continent might have something to do with that. The little characters, I couldn't make out them being automobiles. The smoke was trailed throughout, other than making the heart shape for romance, I thought it a bit much. The horns honking in the trailer was overly obsessive. Now, the animation of running the little blue and red object around, it was smooth, Bravo! The smoke appearances and dissemination was also timed nicely. I'm not sure of the reason for this clip, was it to interact and give the music a place to be heard, or was it for the pure enjoyment of the animation itself?

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