Harmony 12

2D Game Asset Production

Toon Boom Harmony the all-in-one application for game animators



Use Harmony's powerful combination of vector and bitmap tools to sketch, draw and paint your game art.



Simple-to-use bone rigs let you quickly create animation cycles for your characters like jump, run or crouch.



Export out character set-ups, sprite sheets and XML files that efficiently become part of your game.

Toon Boom Harmony is an all-in-one tool that lets you create, animate
and export great animation to popular game engines like Unity®.

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Harmony Pattern

What is Toon Boom Harmony?

Toon Boom Harmony is an Emmy® Award Winning animation software product used by virtually every major animation studios around the world. Game artists love Harmony for its expressive drawing and animation tools. Game programmers love how efficient Harmony is for integrating assets into their games.

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Key Features for Game Development

Toon Boom Harmony is the most beloved animation tool in the world, used by major studios and freelancers alike.

  • bitmap and vector

    Draw with
    and organic detail

  • Parts Substitution

    Easily isolate out
    parts of your character
    for cut-out animation

  • simple bone rig

    Use simple bone rigs
    to pose and animate
    your characters

  • Audio Sync

    Synchronize audio
    files with perfect playback
    with your animation

  • multi resolution

    Generate multi-resolution
    sprite sheets for
    specific target platforms

  • re-use

    Export multiple animation
    cycles that efficiently
    re-use the same sprites


Seamless Export to Unity® Game Engine

Toon Harmony is your all-in-one software for creating 2D animation for your Unity® game.


Utilize the Harmony game object easily inside Unity®

  • Export multiple sprite sheets for specific devices

  • Transfer animation cycles via XML

  • Keep sound synced with your animation

  • Attach locators to pivot points in your character rigs

  • Choose from multiple colliders

  • Utilize Harmony game object easily inside Unity®

Get the Toon Boom Harmony plug-in on the Unity® Asset Store here.

Big Wheel Biker
Big Wheel Biker

Preview your animations with Harmony previewer

New at GDC 2015! - Visualize your characters in the Unity game engine with no programming required.

How to Use the Previewer


  1. Download the Harmony Previewer for Windows
  2. Extract the GamePreviewer- and the folder GamePreviewer- on your hardrive.
  3. Copy your export from Harmony in the folder: "GamePreviewer-\StreamingAssets\HarmonyResources\"
  4. Launch the application GamePreviewer-
  5. Choose the export you want to preview

Mac OS X

  1. Download the Harmony Previewer for Mac OS x
  2. Extract the GamePreviewer-
  3. Right-Click on the GamePreviewer- and select "Show Package Contents"
  4. Copy your export from Harmony in the folder: "Contents/Data/StreamingAssets/HarmonyResources/"
  5. Launch the application GamePreviewer-
  6. Choose the export you want to preview

Check out these cool projects!

The list of games made using Toon Boom software is constantly growing.
Check out a few of the success stories, and more to come.

The ability of Harmony's
Cutter tool to delete
protruding lines was a very
handy feature for
our reduced design.

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Ferdinand Englaender
Ferdinand Englaender Lead Animator
Studio Fizbin

We're able to use our
monsters over and over again
easily by creating templates in
the library—rig once and have
them available whenever.

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Justin Boh
Justin Boh Professional Animator

I love using Toon Boom
for all my finished
animation because it is
such an advanced vector

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Ben Halstead
Ben Halstead Digital Animator
Beast's Fury
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