Consulting Services

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Get the most out of Toon Boom technology by taking advantage of the wide variety of consulting services available. Speed up your pipeline, train a new crew, develop custom tools, and more.

For almost two decades, the Toon Boom consulting team has been recognized for its excellence and pride in helping clients obtain optimum efficiency. Building upon its thorough understanding of animation production and by collaborating with customers, the Toon Boom team delivers timely service in multiple languages and in any time zone. Whether you need assistance getting up and running fast, or need help revamping the pipeline to make it more efficient, we’re here for you.

Production Budgeting

Our consulting service is especially popular with executive producers who are in the midst of preparing a production budget. Depending on the project type, animation style and timeframe, the Toon Boom consulting team can assist in putting together a budgetfor the entire production. If your project presents a choice between traditional and paperless animation, Toon Boom can assist with forecasting and comparing the ultimate impact on budget.

Placement Consultancy

Whenever one of your projects gets the go-ahead, Toon Boom can facilitate finding animators, storyboard artists, production managers or art directors. This service ensures a pool of qualified candidates and a solid production team.

System Engineering and Integration

This service helps studios improve their setup efficiency by surveying the current installation needs, analyzing the pipeline and implementingany necessary recommendations. The Toon Boom consulting team ensures the successful delivery of high-performance solutions through comprehensive network testing, bottleneck analysis and tuning.

Custom Training

Toon Boom custom training offers hands-on tasks and field-proven techniques designed to take participants to the next level. In just a matter of days, our trainers can set up a more efficient production workflow, assist you in mastering Toon Boom’s powerful technology and perfect your unique animation look. Upon completing the training session successfully, each participant receives a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their accomplishments.

Production Assistance

In providing production assistance, Toon Boom supports you with high-level, on-site consulting at any stage in the production process. This is a unique opportunity to mix training and production in the context of your own unique project, during which the team can assist in establishing the right nomenclature, writing scripts to optimize repetitive tasks, defining proper asset location and linking methods, as well as analyzing pipeline efficiency and production tracking methods.

Custom Development

Custom development is a tailored service, one that’s ideal for clients requiring custom-made functions that are not yet available in the animation solution. Effect plug-ins and specific file format support are among the helpful options available, along with workflow modification or integration with an in-house asset management system and database.